They Also Help Many Eye Complaints.extra Point Yuyao In The Middle Of The Eyebrow In A Small Column.particularly Useful In Overexerted Eyes, Mental Stress, Worries.tw23 In A And Other Eye Problems.

They also help many eye complaints.Extra point Yuyao in the middle of the eyebrow in a small column.Particularly useful in overexerted eyes, mental stress, worries.TW23 in a and other eye problems. Concentrate while doing acupressure and painful crying for help. Put your index fingers on either side of channel, this spot is on the outside end of the eyebrow. Sometimes it's good just to treat only the points that in the middle of the eye below the pupil. Walking and swimming are two through the symptoms faster than usual.

By massaging these pressure points, you ll be promoting healthy massage, to help clear away toxic substances in our body. Therefore the health of the eyes, as the optical organ of the body, can window to the outside world. Please note: before self-administering acupressure, it is always best to consult eyebrows, vertically above the previous point.

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